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A simple radio that uses mpv to play radio streams from publically available internet radiostations

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1.0.8 May 19, 2024
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1.0.4 Feb 16, 2024
1.0.1 Jan 31, 2024

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Rustyo is a simple radio that uses mpv to play radio streams from publically available radiostations.


With cargo

Make sure .cargo/bin is in your path and run:

cargo install rustyo

Manual installation

Clone the repo and navigate to it with:

git clone https://github.com/itrekr/rustyo
cd rustyo

Then run cargo build to compile, after which the binary 'rustyo' can be found in the target/release folder:

cargo build --release

Linux users can then move the binary to their path of choice.


Once installed you can list the radiostations with the 'list' command like so:

rustyo list

Pick any of the stations and run it with:

rustyo stationname

To stop the radiostation you can run either of the following commands:

rustyo none
killall mpv

Adding stations

Any stream that can be played with 'mpv' should function. In the resources folder you find the stations.csv file which contains all the names and the streaming url's of the different stations. All you have to do to add a station is add a newline with the name and the corresponding streaming url seperated by a comma. After that, recompile the project like so:

cargo clean
cargo build --release

Don't forget to then move the new binary to your path of choice again, as that won't update automatically.

Feedback and improvements

Feel free to submit issues, additional stations or improvements on GitHub.


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