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Efficient cli app for downloading anime


For latest release:

cargo install anime-dl

or for latest commit on main branch:

cargo install --git https://github.com/gabelluardo/anime-dl


I usually use this:

adl -D <entries>

to store every anime in a properly named directory.

Or for stream after scraped an archive:

adl -sS <archive> <entries>


Usage: adl [OPTIONS] [ENTRIES]...

  [ENTRIES]...  Source urls or scraper's queries

  -d, --dir <DIR>                Root path where store files [default: .]
  -m, --max-concurrent <MAX>     Maximum number of simultaneous downloads allowed [default: 24]
  -r, --range <RANGE>            Episodes to download (es. `1-4` or `1,2,3,4`) [default: 1]
  -S, --site <SITE>              Search anime in remote archive [possible values: aw]
  -D, --default-dir              Save files in a folder with a default name
  -f, --force                    Override existent files
  -a, --anilist-id <ANILIST_ID>  Override app id environment variable [env: ANIMEDL_ID]
  -s, --stream                   Stream episode in a media player
  -i, --interactive              Interactive mode
  -p, --no-proxy                 Disable automatic proxy (useful for slow connections)
      --clean                    Delete app cache
  -h, --help                     Print help
  -V, --version                  Print version

For parsing urls from a file (es. urls):

adl [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] $(cat urls)

⚠️ Streaming requires mpv or vlc ⚠️

adl -s <entries>


For Anilist integration create an enviroment variable ANIMEDL_ID with the ID of your developer api client, or use the default of the app: 4047


Currently, there is only an italian language scraper, contribution for support other languages are welcome (see #83).


Made with 🫶 by @gabelluardo in GPLv3


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