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Pure Rust implementation of the crunchyroll api

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A Rust library for the undocumented Crunchyroll api.

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We are in no way affiliated with, maintained, authorized, sponsored, or officially associated with Crunchyroll LLC or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The official Crunchyroll website can be found at https://crunchyroll.com/.


The documentation is available at docs.rs.


You need this crate and tokio as dependency in your Cargo.toml in order to start working:

crunchyroll-rs = "0.6"
tokio = { version = "1.32", features = ["full"] }

The following code prints the data of the episode behind the given url:

use crunchyroll_rs::{Crunchyroll, MediaCollection};
use crunchyroll_rs::parse::UrlType;

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    // log in to crunchyroll with your username and password
    let crunchyroll = Crunchyroll::builder()
        .login_with_credentials("<username>", "<password>")

    let url = crunchyroll_rs::parse_url("https://www.crunchyroll.com/watch/GRDQPM1ZY/alone-and-lonesome").expect("url is not valid");
    if let UrlType::EpisodeOrMovie(media_id) = url {
        if let MediaCollection::Episode(episode) = crunchyroll.media_collection_from_id(media_id).await? {
                "Url is episode {} ({}) of {} season {}",
    } else {
        panic!("Url is not a episode")


More examples can be found in the examples/ directory.

Api Coverage

Crunchyroll regularly updates their api but does not provide any documentation for it. Because we do not monitor the api constantly, so we cannot immediately say when a new endpoint is added or something has changed on already existing and implemented endpoints (which is semi-covered by the __test-strict feature, at least). If you find an endpoint which is not implemented or has changes feel free to open a new issue and tell us, or fork the library and implement it yourself.


Crunchyroll uses the cloudflare bot protection to detect if requests are made by a human. Obviously this crate makes automated requests and thus, Cloudflare sometimes blocks requests. The crate catches these errors with the error::CrunchyrollError::Block enum field. The block occurs depending on different factors like your location. If such a block occurs you can try to create a custom reqwest::Client which has the needed configuration to bypass this check, like other user agents or tls backends (note that reqwest currently only supports native-tls besides rustls as tls backend, which is confirmed to work with openssl on Linux only, on Windows the blocks are even more aggressive). The configurations may vary on the factors addressed so there is no 100% right way to do it.


This project is licensed under either of the following licenses, at your option:


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