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CI Crates

Using ChatGPT/GPT-3.5/GPT-4 in the terminal.

AIChat in chat mode:

chat mode

AIChat in command mode:

command mode


With cargo

cargo install --force aichat

Binaries on macOS, Linux, Windows

Download it from Github Releases, unzip and add aichat to your $PATH.


  • Support chat and command modes
  • Predefine AI roles
  • Use GPT prompt easily
  • Powerful Chat REPL
  • Context-ware conversation
  • syntax highlighting markdown and other 200 languages
  • Stream output with hand typing effect
  • Support multiple models
  • Support proxy
  • Support dark/light theme
  • Save chat messages


On first launch, aichat will guide you through configuration.

> No config file, create a new one? Yes
> Openai API Key: sk-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Use proxy? Yes
> Set proxy: socks5://
> Save chat messages Yes

After setting, it will automatically create the configuration file. Of course, you can also manually set the configuration file.

api_key: "<YOUR SECRET API KEY>"  # Request via https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys
organization_id: "org-xxx"        # optional, set organization id
model: "gpt-3.5-turbo"            # optional, choose a model
temperature: 1.0                  # optional, see https://platform.openai.com/docs/api-reference/chat/create#chat/create-temperature
save: true                        # optional, If set true, aichat will save chat messages to message.md
highlight: true                   # optional, Set false to turn highlight
proxy: "socks5://"  # optional, set proxy server. e.g. or socks5://
conversation_first: false         # optional, If set true, start a conversation immediately upon repl
light_theme: false                # optional, If set true, use light theme
connect_timeout: 10               # optional, Set a timeout in seconds for connect to gpt.

You can use .info to view the current configuration file path and roles file path.

You can use Enviroment Variables to customize certain configuration items.


We can let ChatGPT play a certain role through prompt to make it better generate what we want.

We can predefine a batch of roles in roles.yaml.

We can get the location of roles.yaml through the repl's .info command or cli's --info option.

For example, we define a role

- name: shell
  prompt: >
    I want you to act as a linux shell expert.
    I want you to answer only with bash code.
    Do not provide explanations.

Let ChatGPT answer questions in the role of a linux shell expert.

.role shell

shell〉 extract encrypted zipfile app.zip to /tmp/app
mkdir /tmp/app
unzip -P PASSWORD app.zip -d /tmp/app

We have provided many awesome Role Examples.


aichat has a powerful Chat REPL.

The Chat REPL supports:

  • Emacs keybinding
  • Command autocompletion
  • History search
  • Fish-style history autosuggestion hints
  • Edit/past multiline input
  • Undo support
  • Clipboard integration

multi-line editing

Type { or ( at the beginning of the line to enter the multi-line editing mode. In this mode you can type or paste multiple lines of text. Type the corresponding } or ) at the end of the line to exit the mode and submit the content.

{ convert json below to toml
  "an": [
  "data": "structure"

.help - Print help message

.info                    Print the information
.set                     Modify the configuration temporarily
.model                   Choose a model
.prompt                  Add a GPT prompt
.role                    Select a role
.clear role              Clear the currently selected role
.conversation            Start a conversation.
.clear conversation      End current conversation.
.history                 Print the history
.clear history           Clear the history
.help                    Print this help message
.exit                    Exit the REPL

Type `{` to enter the multi-line editing mode, type '}' to exit the mode.
Press Ctrl+C to abort readline, Ctrl+D to exit the REPL

.info - view current configuration information.

config_file         /home/alice/.config/aichat/config.yaml
roles_file          /home/alice/.config/aichat/roles.yaml
messages_file       /home/alice/.config/aichat/messages.md
api_key             sk-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
organization_id     -
model               gpt-3.5-turbo
temperature         -
save                true
highlight           true
proxy               -
conversation_first  false
light_theme         false
connect_timeout     10
dry_run             false

.set - modify the configuration temporarily

.set dry_run true.set highlight false.set save false.set temperature 1.2

.model - choose a model

> .model gpt-4
> .model gpt-4-32k
> .model gpt-3.5-turbo

.prompt - use GPT prompt

When you set up a prompt, every message sent later will carry the prompt.

{ .prompt
I want you to translate the sentences I wrote into emojis.
I will write the sentence, and you will express it with emojis.
I just want you to express it with emojis.
I want you to reply only with emojis.

P〉You are a genius

P〉I'm embarrassed

.prompt actually creates a temporary role internally, so run .clear role to clear the prompt.

When you are satisfied with the prompt, add it to roles.yaml for later use.

.role - let the ai play a role

Select a role.

.role emoji
name: emoji
prompt: I want you to translate the sentences I wrote into emojis. I will write the sentence, and you will express it with emojis. I just want you to express it with emojis. I don't want you to reply with anything but emoji. When I need to tell you something in English, I will do it by wrapping it in curly brackets like {like this}.
temperature: null

AI play the role we specified


Clear current selected role

emoji〉.clear role

Hello there! How can I assist you today?

.conversation - start a context-aware conversation

By default, aichat behaves in a one-off request/response manner.

You can run .conversation to enter context-aware mode, or set config.conversation_first true to start a conversation immediately upon repl.


$list 1 to 5, one per line                                                              4089

$reverse the list                                                                       4065

When enter conversation mode, prompt will change to , A number will appear on the right, which means how many tokens left to use. Once the number becomes zero, you need to start a new conversation.

Exit conversation mode

.clear conversation                                                                    4043


Copyright (c) 2023 aichat-developers.

aichat is made available under the terms of either the MIT License or the Apache License 2.0, at your option.

See the LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT files for license details.


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