Cargo Features

syntect = { version = "5.2.0", default-features = false, features = ["dump-load", "dump-create", "regex-fancy", "regex-onig", "parsing", "metadata", "default-syntaxes", "default-themes", "html", "plist-load", "yaml-load", "default-onig", "default-fancy"] }
dump-load default-fancy? default-onig default-syntaxes? default-themes? parsing? = bincode, flate2

Dump loading using flate2

Affects dumps::from_reader, dumps::from_binary, dumps::from_dump_file, dumps::from_uncompressed_dump_file, dumps::from_uncompressed_data, syntect::dumps

dump-create default-fancy? default-onig parsing? = bincode, flate2

Dump creation using flate2

Affects dumps::dump_to_writer, dumps::dump_binary, dumps::dump_to_file, dumps::dump_to_uncompressed_file, syntect::dumps

regex-fancy default-fancy? = fancy-regex
regex-onig default-onig = onig
parsing default-fancy? default-onig default-syntaxes? html? metadata? yaml-load? = dump-create, dump-load, fnv, regex-syntax

Affects syntect::easy, parsing::syntax_definition, util::debug_print_ops

metadata = parsing, plist-load

Support for .tmPreferenes metadata files (indentation, comment syntax, etc)

Affects parsing::metadata

default-syntaxes default-fancy? default-onig = dump-load, parsing

Enables inclusion of the default syntax packages.

default-themes default-fancy? default-onig = dump-load

Enables inclusion of the default theme packages.

html default-fancy? default-onig = parsing

Affects syntect::html

plist-load default-fancy? default-onig metadata? = plist

Support for parsing .tmTheme files and .tmPreferences files

yaml-load default-fancy? default-onig = parsing, yaml-rust

Support for parsing .sublime-syntax files

default-onig default = default-syntaxes, default-themes, dump-create, dump-load, html, parsing, plist-load, regex-onig, yaml-load
default-fancy = default-syntaxes, default-themes, dump-create, dump-load, html, parsing, plist-load, regex-fancy, yaml-load

In order to switch to the fancy-regex engine, disable default features then add the default-fancy feature

default = default-onig

The default-onig feature is set by default whenever syntect is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

yaml-rust yaml-load?
onig regex-onig?
fancy-regex regex-fancy?

Enables fancy-regex ^0.11

regex-syntax parsing?
plist plist-load?
bincode dump-create? dump-load?
flate2 dump-create? dump-load?
fnv parsing?