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Aflak - アフラーク

Aflak - A visualization environment to analyze astronomical datasets by providing a visual programming language interface.

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IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT: Features and API highly unstable!

Getting started

Minimum Rust version: 1.26.2.

Install the rust toolchain with rustup. Then clone the git repository.

You need to initialize the git submodules.

cd aflak
git submodule update --init --recursive


cd aflak/src
cargo build --release

Run aflak

cd aflak/src
cargo run --release

NB: The first time you run aflak, the window layout may not be what you prefer. You may want to resize / move some windows with the mouse the very first time your run aflak. Hopefully, aflak remembers the arrangement of your windows between sessions.


This repo has several crates each with a specific and defined objective. Each of the crates is documented. Please refer to the doc.

  • aflak_cake (Computational mAKE): Manage node graph (back-end).
cd aflak/src/aflak_cake
# Open the doc
cargo doc --open
  • aflak_primitives: Define transformation types and primitives for use in astrophysics.
  • node_editor: Node editor built on aflak_cake and imgui.


cd aflak/src
cargo test --all


  • Zooming in node editor


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