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Common image processing routines for zune-image

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A library for low level image processing routines

They work on raw pixels (T) and they are focused on speed and safety.


Some filters are in alpha stage, and some are broken, don't use a filter with a Broken tag


Add the crate to your dependencies e.g cargo add zune-imageprocs

After that one can use the processing routines since they implement zune-image OperationsTrait, anywhere that supports them can call on them

E.g to increase the exposure of an image

fn main(){
    let img= 


Most routines in the library can be benchmarked, but they require a nightly compiler

To test speed of most routines run

cargo bench --features=benchmarks


Image processing routines for zune-image

This implements some common image processing routines to be used with zune-image

It implements the OperationsTrait defined by zune-image.


  • Increase exposure of image by 2.0
use zune_core::colorspace::ColorSpace;
use zune_image::image::Image;
use zune_image::traits::OperationsTrait;
use zune_imageprocs::exposure::Exposure;
let mut image = Image::fill::<u8>(233,ColorSpace::RGB,100,100);
let exposure = Exposure::new(2.0,0.0);
// execute the filter
exposure.execute(&mut image).unwrap();