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nightly app zss

Scrolling wallpaper based on X screens

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1.0.1 Aug 4, 2021
1.0.0 Jul 19, 2021

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Scrolling wallpaper for X.


Requires an existing X window, most commonly supplied by xwinwrap.

xwinwrap -- zss WID <path-to-images-directory>

See zss --help for other options, such as duration, fading and image backlog.


May be installed using a nightly cargo with

cargo +nightly install zss

Or manually by cloning the repo

git clone https://github.com/Zenithsiz/zss
cd zss
cargo +nightly install --path .


git clone https://github.com/Zenithsiz/zss
cd zss
cargo +nightly build --release
cp target/release/zss <install-path>


Requires X and opengl 3.3 at least (Not tested). Will attempt to use latest opengl available.


As per the description may be used as a wallpaper.

My settings are the following, use xwinwrap --help and zss --help to see what each option does and to adjust to your window geometry (I have 2 monitors, thus the large offsets).

xwinwrap -d -b -sp -nf -ov -g "1920x1080+1360+0" -- $(which zss) "WID" --duration "30" --images-dir "<my-images-dir>" --fade 0.95

Note that which is required here, as xwinwrap seems to require an absolute path.

This can be run once at start-up and the wallpapers will keep running.


Performance wasn't a huge concern with this project, and there are some corners cut, including:

  • Large images are fully loaded and only after resized, so they make take a while to load.
  • Minimum image backlog is 3 images, due to design

Although on my particular system, the wallpaper CPU usage is ~0.25% most of the time, with about ~5..15% during loading, which only takes a split second every time you switch wallpapers.


~235K SLoC