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KAS, (historically the toolKit Abstraction System), is a general-purpose GUI toolkit. KAS's design provides:

  • retained mode (library stores state), inspired by Qt (classic)
  • concise, partially declarative specification of widgets
  • type-safe, widget-local event handlers
  • simple ownership with no retained pointers into widget state
  • fast, efficient, responsive UI



Examples can be found in kas-wgpu/examples. Further examples can be found in kas-gui/7guis.



The below should give a rough idea of what's done and what's not. See also the ROADMAP.

  • Stepless DPI scaling
  • Texts supporting bidirectional languages and font fallback
  • Accelerated graphics via WebGPU (via DirectX/Vulkan/Metal or possibly OpenGL); currently no CPU fallback
  • Shaders in custom widgets (see Mandlebrot example)
  • Support themes, colour schemes and end-user configuration
  • Keyboard navigation and control
  • View widgets over shared state

Installation and dependencies


KAS requires [Rust] version 1.52 or greater (currently in beta: usually we maintain compatibility with the latest stable release). Using the nightly channel does have a couple of advantages:

  • Proceedural macros emit better diagnostics. In some cases, diagnostics are missed without nightly rustc, hence nightly is recommended for development.
  • Documentation generated via cargo doc requires nightly for links
  • A few minor option things: see Feature flags below.


Currently, KAS's only drawing method is WebGPU which requires DirectX 11/12, Vulkan or Metal. In the future, there may be support for OpenGL and software rendering.


Install dependencies:

# For Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install build-essential git libxcb-shape0-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev libharfbuzz-dev

# For Fedora:
# glslc is optional; see kas-wgpu/README.md
sudo dnf install libxcb-devel harfbuzz-devel glslc

Next, clone the repository and run the examples as follows:

git clone https://github.com/kas-gui/kas.git
cd kas
cargo test
cd kas-wgpu
cargo build --examples
cargo run --example gallery
cargo run --example layout
cargo run --example mandlebrot

To build docs locally:

RUSTDOCFLAGS="--cfg doc_cfg" cargo +nightly doc --features markdown --no-deps --all --open


  • kas: the core of the GUI library, providing most interfaces and logic along with a selection of common widgets
  • kas-macros: a helper crate for proc macros (do not use directly)
  • KAS-text: font loading, text layout, text navigation
  • kas-theme: theming support for KAS (API plus two themes; organisation may change)
  • kas-wgpu: provides windowing via winit and rendering via WebGPU

A user depends on kas to write their complete UI specification, selects a theme from kas-theme, instances a kas_wgpu::Toolkit, adds the window(s), and runs the UI.

Feature flags

The kas crate has the following feature flags:

  • markdown: enables Markdown parsing for rich-text
  • config: adds (de)serialisation support for configuration plus a few utility types (specifying serde instead only implements for utility types)
  • json: adds config (de)serialisation using JSON (implies config)
  • yaml: adds config (de)serialisation using YAML (implies config)
  • winit: adds compatibility code for winit's event and geometry types. This is currently the only functional windowing/event library.
  • stack_dst: some compatibility impls (see kas-theme's documentation)
  • internal_doc: turns on some extra documentation intended for internal usage but not for end users. (This only affects generated documentation.)


Formats are not yet stabilised, hence reading/writing configuration is disabled by default. Ensure that the yaml and/or json feature flag is enabled, then configure with environment variables:

# Set the config path:
export KAS_CONFIG=kas-config.yaml
# Use write-mode to write out default config:
KAS_CONFIG_MODE=writedefault cargo run --example gallery
# Now just edit the config and run like normal:
cargo run --example gallery

Copyright and Licence

The COPYRIGHT file includes a list of contributors who claim copyright on this project. This list may be incomplete; new contributors may optionally add themselves to this list.

The KAS library is published under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of this licence from the LICENSE file or on the following webpage: https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0


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