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Change your wallpaper from the command line interface

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Uses new Rust 2021

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1.64.0 Jun 27, 2022

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Changes the wallpaper from the command line.


Build from source

Use the cargo package manager to install the chwp crate:

cargo install chwp

Download latest binary

This snippet will download and install the latest chwp release:

LATEST_VERSION=$(curl -L -s -H 'Accept: application/json' https://github.com/RouHim/chwp/releases/latest | sed -e 's/.*"tag_name":"\([^"]*\)".*/\1/') && \
sudo curl -L -o /usr/bin/chwp https://github.com/RouHim/chwp/releases/download/$LATEST_VERSION/chwp-linux-x86_64 && \
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/chwp

Arch Linux

Install chwp-bin AUR package:

yay -S chwp-bin


chwp [keywords]|[imageurl] span


Set a random wallpaper for the keyword ocean:

chwp ocean

Set a wallpaper from a specific image url:

chwp https://source.unsplash.com/1920x1080

Set a wallpaper from multiple keywords, a random one will be selected:

chwp water,sky,ocean

Combine multiple keywords with a +:

chwp night+city

The span parameter can be used to span the wallpaper over multiple screens:

chwp ocean span


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