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APIs for using Google Cloud Platform services

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Yet Another Google Cloud Platform Crate

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ya-gcp provides a set of APIs and utilties used to interact with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.

Currently Supported Services

Production maturity:

  • PubSub

Alpha maturity:

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Bigtable

Different service APIs can be accessed through modules enabled with compile-time features. See the list of supported features below. Service clients are created using the ClientBuilder, which serves as an entry-point to this library.

Feature Flags

The following flags can be enabled to change what code is included


  • pubsub enables the PubSub API
  • storage enables the GCS API
  • bigtable enables the Bigtable API


  • rustls use Rustls for TLS support, enabled by default
  • openssl use OpenSSL for TLS support
  • emulators includes support for service emulation (can be useful for testing)

Comparison to other crates

Generally speaking, this crate aims to provide ergonomic and robust interfaces for the supported services out-of-the-box. For example, authentication handling should be simple, with the user only having to provide credentials and not call out to a separate library. Similarly, idiomatic rust traits should be provided, such as Stream and Sink for PubSub subscribing and publishing. Other crates for interacting with GCP may provide different trade-offs, such as supporting a greater breadth of services

  • cloud-storage - A library which provides access to Google Cloud Storage specifically. While its feature set is good, it is not particularly flexible. It doesn't support alternative HTTP clients, or different authentication flows.
  • tame-gcs - A library which enables accessing GCS, but does not provide a means of performing IO itself. ya-gcp internally uses tame-gcs for its GCS support (providing the IO layer)
  • google-cloud - A library with a similar structure and philosophy to ya-gcp. Supports a few more services, though support is sometimes in less depth (e.g. doesn't have streaming pull requests and reconnection for PubSub)
  • google-pubsub1 - This crate, like others from the same generator system in google-apis-rs, provides relatively low-level bindings to the services they connect to. The user is responsible for bringing their own HTTP client and authentication, making it difficult to use. That said, the generated crates do thoroughly cover many google services
  • google-cloud-rust - As of this writing still largely experimental. Based on grpcio, which wraps the C gRPC library, whereas ya-gcp is based on tonic in Rust


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