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xidlehook (core)

This is the core of xidlehook, abstracted away as a library. The idea is to keep the core reusable between different front-ends.

See GitHub issue #27 for an example why this split was made. Splitting some of the work out in a library is also good for testing :)

In case this wasn't confusing enough for readers, there's also an example named "xidlehook" which is basically a stripped-down version of xidlehook-daemon. The reason for this is just to give a starting point to people making their own clients that do not have to have a full-blown async event loop like the current tool itself.

Preferrably, the feature creepiness of this crate should be turned all the way down. I am a big fan of the Unix philosophy of keeping things simple by design. The exception here are some basic modules that most people will want.

In short, use xidlehook-daemon and not this.


Instead of implementing your extension as something that communicates with xidlehook, what about implementing your extension as something that is xidlehook?

This library lets you create your own xidlehook front-end using a powerful timer and module system.


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