Cargo Features

libpulse-binding = { version = "2.28.1", default-features = false, features = ["pa_v15", "pa_v14", "pa_v13", "pa_v12", "pa_v8", "pa_v6"] }
default = pa_v8

The pa_v8 feature is set by default whenever libpulse-binding is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

pa_v15 = pa_v14

PA version compatibility selection See the overall project file for explanation.

Enables pa_v15 of libpulse-sys

pa_v14 pa_v15? = pa_v13

Enables pa_v14 of libpulse-sys

Affects introspect::SinkPortInfo.availability_group, introspect::SinkPortInfo.r#type, introspect::SourcePortInfo.availability_group, introspect::SourcePortInfo.r#type, introspect::CardPortInfo.availability_group, introspect::CardPortInfo.r#type

pa_v13 pa_v14? = pa_v12

Enables pa_v13 of libpulse-sys

Affects util::make_thread_realtime

pa_v12 pa_v13? = pa_v8

Enables pa_v12 of libpulse-sys

pa_v8 default pa_v12? = pa_v6

Enables pa_v8 of libpulse-sys

pa_v6 pa_v8

Enables pa_v6 of libpulse-sys