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File-aware dynamic command runner.

Xf try to find a file from the current directory and upwards, and execute different command according to the different file found.


With cargo

cargo install xf

Binaries on macOS, Linux, Windows

Download from Github Releases, unzip and add xf to your $PATH.


Xf loads rules from configuration file.

The default path of configuration file is $HOME/.xf, which can be specified with the XF_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

Rule format is:

<file>: <command>

<file> tell xf what file to find, <command> tell xf what command to execute if found.

xf has a built-in lowest priority rule: Xfile: $file $@

Configure the following rules:

Taskfile: bash $file $@

Run xf foo.

xf try to find for Taskfile file in the current directory, and if found, execute bash $file foo .

If not found, continue finding for Xfile file in the current directory, if found, execute Xfile foo (built-in rule).

If not found, enter the parent directory to continue this process.

File matching rules:

  1. Ignore case. Xfile can match files xfile, xFile.

  2. Find the filename that contains the rule filename. Xfile can match the files Xfile.sh, Xfile.cmd.


The following built-in variables can be used in the command part of rule.

  • $@ - pass-through command line parameters
  • $file - file path
  • $fileDir - file directory, process's cwd will be set to this value
  • $currentDir - the current directory

These variables(exclude $@) are also synced to environment variables:

  • $file => XF_FILE
  • $fileDir => XF_FILE_DIR
  • $currentDir => XF_CURRENT_DIR

Command Name

Actually, the command name affect builtin-rule and environment variable prefix.

If you rename executable file xf to task:

  1. The built-in rule will be Taskfile: $file $@

  2. The default configuration file path will be $HOME/.task.

  3. The environment variable XF_CONFIG_PATH will be TASK_CONFIG_PATH.

  4. The environment variable for $file will be TASK_FILE


Copyright (c) 2022 xf-developers.

argc is made available under the terms of either the MIT License or the Apache License 2.0, at your option.

See the LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT files for license details.