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Tools to build and test Wordle strategies

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WARNING: this project is still unstable, so minor updates may break backwards incompatibility.

Have you ever gotten so obsessed with Wordle that you wanted to evaluate different strategies programmatically? If so, you're in the right place.

This crate is a part of the wordle_rs project, which has three parts:

  • wordle_rs, a library with tools you can use to write and evaluate your own Wordle strategies,
  • wordle_strategies, a library demonstrating a few strategies that I wrote, and
  • wordle_runner (WIP), a command line program that can run and compare Wordle strategies written with wordle_rs.

Please feel free to contribute your own strategies to wordle_strategies!

Using wordle_rs to write a strategy

Add the following to your Cargo.toml:

wordle_rs = "0.2.0"

Then, define a new struct and implement the Strategy trait for it.

use wordle_rs::Strategy;

struct MyCoolStrategy;

impl Strategy for MyCoolStrategy {
    // snip

Then, configure and run the test harness on your strategy. You can see how to do this below. You can also use wordle_runner to run your strategy for you, though this is still a work in progress.

Running strategies from wordle_strategies

To run a pre-made strategy (possibly against your own!), first add the following to your Cargo.toml:

wordle_rs = "0.2.0"
wordle_strategies = "0.2.0"

Then, import a strategy and run the wordle_rs test harness on your strategy.

Running the wordle_rs test harness

Simply import the harness and configure it to run the strategies that you want to test. You can add strategies from any location, including those that you write yourself. The Harness::add_strategy method accepts anything that implements the Strategy trait.

use wordle_rs::{harness::Harness, WordleError};
use wordle_strategies::Common;

fn main() -> Result<(), WordleError> {
    let harness = Harness::new()
        .add_strategy(Box::new(Common), None)
    let perfs = harness.run()?;


Using wordle_runner


Crate level documentation for wordle_rs


Examples of how to build your own strategies are available in the wordle_strategies folder in this repository, which contains the code for the crate of the same name.

Build features

The wordle_rs crate supports disabling some non-crucial functionality, allowing it to build without some major dependencies. Here are the features and their effects:

  • serde*: allows serializing and deserializing performance records and includes mechanisms for loading and saving baselines
  • stats*: enables statistical comparisons between performance records
  • fancy*: enables fancy display with colors, progress bars, and tables
  • parallel*: allows running the test harness in parallel

*: enabled by default


Everything in this project is licensed under the MIT license.


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