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Find Big and Fat Files and Folders

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whalespotter is

  • a convenient application to fast locate fat files and folders
  • a demonstration of how to use channels to parallelize computations and never block the UI
  • a demonstration of a few Termimad widgets
  • a very small and easy to read codebase



The simplest solution is to execute

cargo install whalespotter

If you want to play with the code, you'll probably fetch the repository. From there you can do

cargo build --release

and the executable will be in target/release.


  • the current version of whalespotter doesn't run on windows (due to some additional code to deduplicate inodes). It could be easily adapted but I'd need at least a Windows tester.
  • reported sizes take blocks into account, so they may be smaller than the nominal size for sparse files (the goal is to find what takes space in your disks).


Pass the desired path:

whalespotter ~
  • Hit ctrl-q to quit
  • and to select and enter to open",
  • enter to open the selected directory (in whalespotter) or file (with xdg-open)
  • esc to either unselect, or go to parent, or quit
  • pageUp and pageDown to scroll
  • F5 to refresh

Whalespotter is dedicated to one use case: spotting big directories and files. If you want also other features like launching, deleting, moving, etc. you may be interested in a less focused tool, broot.


~64K SLoC