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a convenient application to fast locate fat files and folders (linux & mac)



The simplest solution is to execute

cargo install --locked whalespotter


Pass the desired path:

whalespotter ~
  • Hit ctrl-q to quit
  • and to select and enter to open",
  • enter to open the selected directory (in whalespotter) or file (with xdg-open)
  • esc to either unselect, or go to parent, or quit
  • pageUp and pageDown to scroll
  • F5 to refresh

Note: reported sizes take blocks into account, so they may be smaller than the nominal size for the rare sparse files.

Whalespotter is dedicated to one use case: spotting big directories and files. If your goal is to clean your disk, you might be interested in the more recent set of tools I developped. They're described in this blog post.


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