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Tool to convert DVD VobSub-format subtitles (*.sub/*.idx files) to PNGs

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vobsub2png: Convert sub/idx files to PNGs & JSON

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This is a small utility for people who want to look at subtitles in sub/idx format, but who don't want to mess around with MPEG-2 Program Stream decoding. To install:

curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh
cargo install vobsub2png

Assuming you have two files movie.idx and movie.sub, you can then run:

vobsub2png movie.idx

This will create a directory movie_subtitles containing one PNG for each subtitle, plus an index.json file with various metadata, including the time that each subtitle is displayed.

For more options, run:

vobsub2png --help


Your feedback and contributions are welcome! For more information, see the subtitles-rs project.


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