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A Rust API for parsing and working with PSD files.

Live Demo

The psd crate can be compiled to WebAssembly and used in a browser.

In the live demo you can visualize a PSD in the browser, toggle layers on and off and drag and drop a new PSD into the demo.

Demo screenshot

Check out the examples/drag-drop-browser directory for instructions on running the demo locally.

The Psd Book

The WIP The Psd Book will contain information about getting started with the psd crate, a description of the architecture and information on how to get started.

API Docs

Check out the API documentation to see everything that you can currently access.

Background / Initial Motivation

I'm working on a game and part of my asset compilation process was a script that did the following:

  1. Iterate over all PSD files

  2. Export every PSD into a PNG, ignoring any layers that begin with an _

  3. Combine PNGs into a texture atlas

For a couple of years I was using imagemagick to power step 2, but after getting a new laptop and upgrading imagemagick versions it stopped working.

After a bit of Googling I couldn't land on a solution for my problem so I decided to make this crate.

My approach was to support as much of the PSD spec as I needed, so there might be bits of information that you'd like to make use of that aren't currently supported.

That said, if there's anything missing that you need please feel very free to open an issue!


use psd::{ColorMode, Psd, PsdChannelCompression};

fn main () {
    // .. Get a byte slice of PSD file data somehow ..
    let psd = include_bytes!("./my-psd-file.psd");

    let psd = Psd::from_bytes(psd).unwrap();

    assert_eq!(psd.color_mode(), ColorMode::Rgb);

    // For this PSD the final combined image is RleCompressed
    assert_eq!(psd.compression(), &PsdChannelCompression::RleCompressed);

    assert_eq!(psd.width(), 500);
    assert_eq!(psd.height(), 500);

    // Get the combined final image for the PSD.
    let final_image: Vec<u8> = psd.rgba();

    for layer in psd.layers().iter() {
        let name = layer.name();

        let pixels: Vec<u8> = layer.rgba().unwrap();

    let green_layer = psd.layer_by_name("Green Layer").unwrap();

    // In this layer the red channel is uncompressed
    assert_eq!(green_layer.compression(&PsdChannelKind::Red).unwrap(), PsdChannelCompression::RawData);

    // In this layer the green channel is RLE compressed
    assert_eq!(green_layer.compression(&PsdChannelKind::Green).unwrap(), PsdChannelCompression::RleCompressed);

    // Combine the PSD layers top to bottom, ignoring any layers that begin with an `_`
    let pixels: Vec<u8> = psd.flatten_layers_rgba(&|(_idx, layer)| {

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