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0.1.0 Sep 18, 2020
0.0.9 Dec 21, 2020
0.0.8 Nov 20, 2020
0.0.2 Sep 22, 2020

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Rust bindings for USD.

These are in version 0.0.x. The api is likely to change significantly between now and 0.1.0.

What works ?

  • You can create and open/save/export a stage.
  • You can define a prim and get/set attributes on it. All 30 basic types are supported + arrays of those types.

The parts

  • usd-cpp is a crate to build the cpp shared library and its dependencies (tbb, boost ..).
  • usd-rs is the actual bindings crate.


  • g++/clang with c++14 support
  • cmake
  • python
  • and of course cargo


USD is a system for authoring, composing, and reading hierarchically organized scene description. USD comprises a set of modules that scalably encode and interchange static and time-sampled 3D geometry and shading data between Digital Content Creation applications. Domain-specific schema modules define the geometry and shading encoding atop USD's domain-agnostic core.