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Interactively delete node_modules

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0.3.0 May 7, 2022
0.2.0 Apr 28, 2022
0.1.1 Apr 19, 2022
0.1.0 Apr 18, 2022

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Uklid 🧹

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Uklid (pronounced [uːklɪt], "cleanup" in Czech) is an interactive CLI node_modules cleaner written in Rust. It looks for top-level node_modules in your computer, shows you their size and allows you to delete them conveniently.


cargo install uklid


uklid 0.2.0
Atris <vacekj@outlook.com>
Interactively delete node_modules.

Run without options for interactive mode

    uklid [OPTIONS]

    -d, --dry            Don't delete anything, only print found directories
    -h, --help           Print help information
    -p, --path <PATH>    Path to start recursive search for node_modules from
    -V, --version        Print version information


  • recursively search your home directory for node_modules
  • limit search to a specific directory
  • show sizes and last modified time
  • multi-select what you want to delete
  • show total storage freed up
  • non-interactive mode (uklid --help)
  • high test coverage for both interactive and non-interactive mode


  • Stop recursive search upon hitting top-level node_modules
    • Currently we search all subdirectories, which is inefficient
  • better searching algorithm
  • multi-threaded searching and cleaning


~690K SLoC