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UI component to interactively select changes to include in a commit

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MIT OR Apache-2.0


scm-record is a UI component to interactively select changes to include in a commit. It's meant to be embedded in source control tooling.

You can think of this as an interactive replacement for git add -p, or a reimplementation of hg crecord/hg commit -i. Given a set of changes made by the user, this component presents them to the user and lets them select which of those changes should be staged for commit.

scm-record was originally developed as a supporting library for git-branchless.


The scm-diff-editor binary is available when compiled with --features scm-diff-editor.

This is a standalone binary that uses the scm-record library as a front-end, and can be integrated directly into some source control systems:

Integration with other projects

Here's some projects that don't use scm-record, but could benefit from integration with it (with your contribution):

Feature wishlist

Here are some features in the UI which are not yet implemented:

  • Make the keybindings easier to discover, allow accessing the menu with the keyboard.
  • Jump to next/previous element of same kind.
  • Edit one side of the diff in an editor.
  • Multi-way split UI to split a commit into more than 2 commits.
  • Support for use as a mergetool.
  • Commands to select ours/theirs for diffs representing merge conflicts.


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