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fpick is an interactive file picker to traverse through directories tree in a terminal.



cargo install fpick

This will install fpick binary in Rust's Path.


Alternatively, you can download the compiled binary:

curl -L https://github.com/igrek51/fpick/releases/download/0.3.0/fpick -o ~/bin/fpick
chmod +x ~/bin/fpick


Launch the interactive file picker by running fpick.

Navigate with keyboard:

  • and to move between files and directories,
  • to enter a directory.
  • to go up,
  • Type a phrase to filter the list of files
  • Enter to select a file, exit and print its path to stdout.

See fpick --help for more options.

CLI arguments


  • fpick [OPTIONS] to select a file in a current directory and return its path
  • fpick [OPTIONS] <PATH> to select a file starting from a specified directory


  • --relative, --rel, -r - Print selected path as relative to the starting directory
  • --version - Print version
  • --help, -h - Print usage


You can use it in combination with other commands, for example to print the selected file:

cat `fpick`

Tired of typing ls and cd, over and over again, just to find a file in a deeply nested directory tree? Use fpick to navigate through directories interactively:

cd `fpick`


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