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CLI tool to query builds from u.gg, for League of Legends

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Uses new Rust 2021

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0.8.0 Nov 22, 2022
0.7.5 Nov 18, 2021

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version downloads

CLI tool to pull builds from https://u.gg/.


You can install from crates.io:

cargo install uggo

Or, directly from the GitHub releases using cargo-binstall:

cargo binstall uggo

Or, by installing the GitHub repo directly:

cargo install --git https://github.com/kade-robertson/uggo

Finally, you can always find the latest release builds in the Releases tab.



Just run the executable. If run with no options, you'll be presented with a prompt:


You can change the mode you want to retrieve builds from by using the mode command:

query> mode normal

A list of valid modes can be seen from using the modes command. If you want to see the currently active mode, use mode without any arguments. The default is normal.

Once you have the mode you want selected, you can make queries in the form <champion>[,<role>][,<region]. If <champion> is the only item provided, <role> defaults to Automatic (whichever has the highest sample size), and <region> defaults to World. The champion field does it's best to match the intended champion, so an exact match isn't required. For more details on the optional fields, refer to Roles and Regions.

Here's some examples:

query> Lux
query> Seraphine,mid
query> Ornn,top,na1
query> Sivir,kr

Here's an example output, which details runes, shards, spells, ability order, items and best/worst matchups:

 Build for Ornn, playing Top lane
 Resolve                      Inspiration
 Grasp of the Undying  [●··]  Magical Footwear (Row 1)  [·●·]
 Demolish              [●··]  Biscuit Delivery (Row 2)  [··●]
 Conditioning          [●··]
 Overgrowth            [●··]

 - Offense: +10% Attack Speed
 - Flex: +6 Armor
 - Defense: +6 Armor

 Spells: Flash, Teleport

 Ability Order:
 Q | ●             ●   ●   ● ●
 W |   ●   ● ●   ●   ●
 E |     ●                     ● ●   ● ●
 R |           ●         ●         ●

 Starting:  Doran's Shield, Health Potion
     Core:  Plated Steelcaps, Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail
      4th:  Abyssal Mask, Warmog's Armor
      5th:  Gargoyle Stoneplate, Warmog's Armor, Abyssal Mask
      6th:  Gargoyle Stoneplate, Warmog's Armor, Anathema's Chains

  Best Matchups:  Quinn, Malphite, Graves, Jayce, Volibear
 Worst Matchups:  Poppy, Warwick, Yone, Fiora, Rengar

For runes, the larger dots indicate the position in the particular row that option is in.

By default, when uggo is first run it will attempt to connect to the Game Client API, and if able to enables automatically creating rune pages. For this to work, the following needs to be true:

  • League of Legends is already running,
  • You have at least one editable rune page, and
  • An editable rune page must be the current page.


<role> can be 1 of 7 options:

  • Jungle
  • Support
  • ADCarry
  • Top
  • Mid
  • None
  • Automatic

None is only used for ARAM, and is the default in this case. Otherwise, Automatic is the default.


<region> can be 1 of 12 options:

  • NA1
  • EUW1
  • KR
  • EUN1
  • BR1
  • LA1
  • LA2
  • OC1
  • RU
  • TR1
  • JP1
  • World

World is the default.


You can optionally run uggo as a CLI. You can just specify the name, or add the same query options you would have in the interactive version. Run with --help for more info:

CLI tool to query builds from u.gg, for League of Legends.

Usage: uggo [OPTIONS] [CHAMP]

          The name of the champion you want to match. A best effort will be made to find the champ if it's only a partial query.

          If left blank, will open the interactive version of uggo.

  -m, --mode <MODE>
          [default: Normal]
          [possible values: normal, aram, one-for-all, urf]

  -r, --role <ROLE>
          [default: Automatic]
          [possible values: jungle, support, ad-carry, top, mid, none, automatic]

  -R, --region <REGION>
          [default: World]
          [possible values: na1, euw1, kr, eun1, br1, la1, la2, oc1, ru, tr1, jp1, world]

  -h, --help
          Print help information (use `-h` for a summary)

  -V, --version
          Print version information


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