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A tool to upgrade typst packages

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Typst Upgrade

Help you to upgrade your Typst Packages.


To upgrade your typst-package dependencies, you can use the following command (assuming your project located in /path/to/your/project):

$ typst-upgrade /path/to/your/project

See typst-upgrade --help for more information:

$ typst-upgrade --help
A tool to upgrade typst packages

Usage: typst-upgrade [OPTIONS] <TYPST_ENTRY_PATHS>...


  -d, --dry-run        Dry run without editing files
  -i, --incompatible   Allow incompatible upgrades
      --color <COLOR>  [default: auto] [possible values: auto, always, never]
      --diff <DIFF>    [default: short] [possible values: short, full, none]
  -v, --verbose        Print more information
  -h, --help           Print help
  -V, --version        Print version


You can install typst-upgrade via cargo:

$ cargo install typst-upgrade

Or you can download the prebuilt binaries from the release page.


Licensed under the MIT License.


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