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Rust bindings for libostree.

libostree is both a shared library and suite of command line tools that combines a "git-like" model for committing and downloading bootable filesystem trees, along with a layer for deploying them and managing the bootloader configuration.

Note: this crate was renamed from the libostree crate.


Most bindings that can be auto-generated are being auto-generated by now. Anything that is not yet supported by the crate probably requires handwritten bindings. These will most likely be added on an as-needed basis.



The ostree crate requires libostree and the libostree development headers.

On Debian and Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install libostree-1 libostree-dev

On Fedora and CentOS:

$ sudo dnf install ostree-libs ostree-devel


To use the crate, add it to your Cargo.toml:

ostree = "0.10"

To use features from later libostree versions, you need to specify the release version as well:

version = "0.10"
features = ["v2021_1"]


The ostree and ostree-sys crates can be built and tested using regular Cargo commands.

Generated code

Most code is generated based on the gir files using the gir tool.

You can update OSTree-1.0.gir by directly copying it from a local ostree build.

Or, these parts can be regenerated using the included Makefile:

$ make gir

Run the following command to update the bundled gir files:

$ make update-gir-files


The libostree API documentation is not included in the code by default because of its LGPL license. This means normal cargo doc runs don't include API docs for the generated code. Run the merge-lgpl-docs Makefile target to include the API docs in the source so they can be consumed by cargo doc:

$ make merge-lgpl-docs

Keep in mind that if you build the crate with the API docs included, it's effectively LGPL-licensed and you need to comply with the LGPL requirements (specifically, allowing users of your end product to swap out the LGPL'd parts).

CI includes the LGPL docs in the documentation build.

Updating glib-rs

  • update GIR_VERSION in Makefile to the latest gir commit (matching the target glib-rs version)
  • make gir to regenerate the generated code
  • inspect differences in generated code
  • update glib-rs dependencies in Cargo.toml and sys/Cargo.toml

Updating ostree

  • update OSTREE_VERSION in Makefile
  • make update-gir-files to update all gir files
  • inspect differences in OSTree-1.0.gir
  • make gir to regenerate the generated code
  • add any new feature levels to Cargo.toml
  • update the example feature level in README.md in case of a new feature level


Releases can be done using the publish_* jobs in the pipeline. There's no versioning helper so version bumps need to be done manually.

The version needs to be changed in the following places (if applicable):

  • in sys/Cargo.toml for the -sys crate version
  • in the ostree-sys = dependency in Cargo.toml
  • in Cargo.toml for the main crate version
  • in README.md in the Installing section in case of major version bumps

Then tag the commit as ostree/x.y.z and/or ostree-sys/x.y.z. This will run the crates.io deployment jobs. Main and -sys crate don't have to be released in lockstep.


The ostree crate is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

libostree itself is licensed under the LGPL2+. See its licensing information for more information.

The libostree GIR file (gir-files/OSTree-1.0.gir) is derived from the libostree source code and is also licensed under the LGPL2+. A copy of the LGPL version 2 is included in the LICENSE.LGPL2 file.

The remaining GIR files (gir-files/*.gir) are from the glib project and are licensed under the LGPL2.1+. A copy of the LGPL version 2.1 is included in the LICENSE.LGPL2.1 file.


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