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A Wordle clone for the terminal

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A Wordle clone for the terminal

Turdle screenshot

Turdle is a clone of the popular browser-based word game Wordle by Josh Wardle, now owned by The New York Times. The (admittedly crude) name is a portmanteau of TUI + Wordle.

A random word is selected each time the game is run. Run turdle --help for additional options.


  • The same pool of 2,309 answers and 12,546 valid words from the original game
  • Large-font gameboard reminiscent of the original game
  • Animated letter reveals and invalid word feedback
  • 'Keyboard' showing the state of each letter you've used
  • An emoji result grid is printed when you guess correctly
  • Play today's Wordle with turdle today
  • Play a specific date's Wordle with turdle date <YY-MM-DD>

Special Keys

  • Use Esc to exit
  • Use Tab to toggle the keyboard layout or set TURDLE_QWERTY_MODE=1 to always start with QWERTY layout
  • Use Page Up and Page Down to cycle the background colour and Home to reset it


Linux and Windows binaries are available on the releases page.

Alternatively, if you already have Rust installed, simply run:

cargo install turdle --locked

If you encounter a linker error, your system may be missing the required compiler toolchain:


sudo pacman -S base-devel


sudo apt install build-essential


sudo yum install gcc


Due to the large font used for the gameboard, your terminal must be at least 34 rows high for it to render correctly.

Turdle targets modern terminal emulators. The large font rendering is unlikely to work running in the Windows command prompt or Powershell, but it does work on later versions of Windows Terminal.


MIT or Apache 2.0 at your discretion.


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