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tori tori

The frictionless music player for the terminal

tori is a terminal-based music player and playlist manager that can play music from local files and external URLs (supported by yt-dlp).

tori screenshot


  • Plays songs from local files and external URLs
  • Configurable keybinds
  • Filters songs by name, artist or filepath/URL
  • Sorts songs by name or duration
  • Spectrum visualizer


tori's documentation is hosted here. It includes a Getting Started guide and configuration instructions.

For code-related documentation, there's also a docs.rs entry.


  • Make sure you have the dependencies installed
  • Install the Rust toolchain
  • Run cargo install tori

Alternatively, if you use an Arch-based Linux distro, you can install tori from the AUR: yay -S tori-bin

Prebuild binaries for Windows, Mac and other Linux distros will be available soon.


  • mpv
  • yt-dlp (recommended) or youtube-dl
  • cava (optional) for the visualizer


If you're using yt-dlp instead of youtube-dl, edit your mpv.conf and paste the following line:


Either this or follow the guide I followed :)


  • musikcube is what I used before writing tori. It's a great player, but only plays from local files.
  • cmus
  • yewtube


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