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CLI Klondike Solitaire written in Rust

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0.1.0 Oct 30, 2022

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Terminal Klondike Solitaire written in Rust


Soliterm is the spiritual successor to klondike-rs, but rewritten from the ground up. I felt the design of the original was limiting. I've started a new project to make a clean break.


Currently the only way to install Soliterm is to download the source and compile it with cargo using the latest nightly build of Rust.

Once the project is published on crates.io, that will be the preferred installation method.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for information on the proejct structure and how to contribute.

Soliterm is not currently accepting contributions — it is still pre-alpha and too many fundamental design decisions are up in the air. Once the project is more developed, I will update CONTRIBUTING.md and make sure the necessary support structures (mailing lists, etc.) are in place.


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