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poker: The Poker Evaluation Crate

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poker is a Rust crate for the speedy evaluation and comparison of poker hands. It it based on the treys Python package and the algorithms found within, with mild adaptations and some personal touches to try to make it as idiomatic as possible in Rust.

use poker::{Evaluator, cards, Card};

fn main() {
    // Create a hand evaluator
    let eval = Evaluator::new();

    // Generate a shuffled deck
    let mut deck = Card::generate_shuffled_deck();

    // Deal a hand
    let hand: Vec<Card> = deck.drain(..5).collect();

    // Evaluate
    let result = eval.evaluate(hand).expect("Couldn't evaluate hand!");

    // Print the hand result
    println!("{}", result);

Using poker

Add poker to the dependencies in your Cargo.toml file:

poker = "0.5"


poker currently has two features. One depends on the rand crate, in order to shuffle generated decks. This is enabled by default.

The second feature, which is also not enabled by default is static_lookup. Enabling this feature opens up the poker::evaluate::static_lookup module, which contains the free evauluate function. It works similar to Evaluator::evaluate, but semantically it uses a static data structure that does not rely on heap allocations. Behind the scenes, the crate downloads data from another repository at build time and therefore won't have to construct this deterministic data at runtime.

# To use without `rand`, add `default-features = false`
poker = { version = "0.5", features = ["static_lookup"] }

A Note on Performance

In order to ensure rustc can make appropriate inlining and optimization decisions, remember to use link-time optimization in your release builds. This comes at the cost of slower compilation times. In your Cargo.toml:

# ...
lto = true # the default is false!


poker includes two fun builtin examples: poker-repl and jacks-or-better. poker-repl is a repl-like environment when you can evaluate different poker hands. jacks-or-better is a terminal re-creation of the Jacks or Better video poker game. Payouts based on this image. Rules for the game can be found here.


The jacks-or-better example from the poker crate has themes of gambling using a currency called credits. This program is meant for example purposes only to illustrate one possible use of this library. There is no risk associated with running the example as it can be terminated and restarted at any time.

Please be aware of the financial risk of real gambling.

You can install these examples through cargo by running the following command:

cargo install poker --example=poker-repl
cargo install poker --example=jacks-or-better
# Then you can run the programs, assuming they were installed somewhere in $PATH

You can also run the examples through a cloned git repository.

git clone https://github.com/deus-x-mackina/poker.git
cd poker
cargo run --example=poker-repl
cargo run --example=jacks-or-better


Licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE.txt or http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).


~27K SLoC