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Implementation of a modified Cactus Kev's Poker Hand Evaluator library in Rust. Code inspired and lookup tables borrowed from Vladislav Supalov's pokereval-rs library, which in turn was inspired by Cactus Kev's work in C.

The primary entity in the library is a PokerCard. PokerCard is a u32 variant of Cactus Kev's binary representation of a poker card. The variation being that the Suit bits order is inverted for easier sorting by other libraries:


p = prime number of rank (deuce=2,trey=3,four=5,...,ace=41)
r = rank of card (deuce=0,trey=1,four=2,five=3,...,ace=12)
SHDC = suit of card (bit turned on based on suit of card)
b = bit turned on depending on rank of card

This library contains only the bare bones implementation of the library, and is no-std to maintain maximum utility with embedded and wasm Rust.

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