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A command-line tool for nice interaction with the Slurm workload manager

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.3 May 27, 2018
0.1.1 May 16, 2018

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slurm-rs: slurm and slurmplus

Rust bindings for the Slurm workload manager, and a command-line program (slurmplus) that provides some useful functionality.

The API coverage is far from complete, but the basic framework is in place.

For a summary of recent changes to the code, see CHANGELOG.md for the command-line tool, slurm/CHANGELOG.md for the developer-facing library, and slurm-sys/CHANGELOG.md for the low-level FFI bindings.

Building and Compatibility

See the README for the slurm-sys subdirectory for some notes on how to build against your Slurm library correctly. You must have a functional rustfmt installed. You may also need to set some environment variables to allow the build script to locate your Slurm libraries and include files.

At the moment, this crate is being developed against Slurm 17.11. The Slurm C API is not especially stable, so it is possible that this crate will fail to compile against other versions of Slurm, or even exhibit wrong runtime behavior. The goal is for the crate to work with a wide range of Slurm versions, and there is code infrastructure to adapt to the evolving C API. If the crate fails to build for a reason that appears to be related to the version of Slurm that you're using, please file an issue with the details.

This crate also requires that the Slurm accounting database library libslurmdb is available. Contributions to relax this requirement would be welcome.


Licensed under the MIT License.


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