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Core types and traits for Rubbl, a Rust package for astrophysics

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This crate defines some core types used by the Rubbl framework:

  • I/O helpers
  • Error handling
  • Numeric array types

Crate Duplication

This crate depends on several foundational crates that your upstream project may also explicitly depend on:

If your project depends on a version of one of these crates that is not compatible with the version required by this crate, Cargo will include multiple versions of it in your build. These duplicates have the same name but cannot be intermixed. (Note that, according to semver, versions 0.X and 0.(X+1) of a crate are not considered compatible.)

Unfortunately, due to limitations in Cargo's current resolver, this crate has to specify a narrow compatibility range for these dependencies. So, be careful to match your version requirements to the ones appropriate to the version of rubbl_core that you are using. The command cargo tree -d will display any duplicates in your dependency tree. If absolutely necessary, this crate re-exports some of its key dependencies, which can be used to “name” them in a reliable way even if they are duplicated elsewhere.


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