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A high-performance implementation of Saito in Rust

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0.0.1 Feb 13, 2022

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A high-performance implementation of Saito in Rust.

This project will serve as the reference implementation for other code-bases. It will also be a flexible implementation which can be easily extended to support various testnet implementations which we envision For example, we may use different epoch times or different sources of randomness for the Golden Ticket "Lottery Game" instead of sha256 difficult hashes(e.g. PoS or even 3rd party sources like BTC block hashes).


We're happy for any contribution.
Please have a look at our contributing guidelines before you start.



Run the node

RUST_LOG=debug cargo run

Possible log levels are Error, Warn, Info, Debug, Trace.




cargo test

Code formatting

cargo fmt

Format code according to the Rust style Guide.

Code linting

cargo clippy

Clippy is a collection of lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code.


cargo bench

Github Actions

GH Actions are located here: .github/workflows

  • cargo docs
    Is creating and deploying the docs to GH pages

  • rustfmt (required)
    Is checking if the code is formatted according to rust style guidelines

  • cargo build & test
    Tries to build the code and run all tests

  • Convco commit format check (required)
    Check all commits or range for errors against the convention

  • Clippy code linting
    A collection of lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code



Create release

cargo build --release

Further steps

Publish certain rust functionalities (as bin) as a npm package


Casual list of suggestions on improvements:

[] routing hops currently contain two publickeys and one signature. we can remove "from" because it is contextually available (from the sender of the first transaction, and then the to field. We should also be able to reduce the signatures by switching to a different/commutive signature. This would magnificently remove the size of our transactions and shrink blocksize as well.


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