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Rusty Pandas - A general purpose mathematics library for Rust

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MIT License - 2019 Jordan Osborn

This package is not focused on performance however performance will not be sacrificed if possible. It is designed to be a self contained package, with a consistent and easy to use API. It should mainly find use during stages of exploratory mathematics. It amalgamates several popular rust libraries in to a consistent api.

Very early stage of development

Add following to cargo.toml

rusty_pandas = "0.0.1"

Requires GNU SL and GNU MP.


  1. Data-Frames and series implementing the pandas api (as close as possible)


Will eventually contain most common mathematical utilities:

  1. Fourier Transforms
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. Tensors
  4. Optimisation
  5. Curve fitting
  6. Root finding
  7. Symbolic mathematics
  8. Big integers and floats
  9. Complex numbers
  10. Fixed Point mathematics
  11. Integration - Calculus
  12. ODE Solvers
  13. Graphing
  14. Statistical methods
  15. Machine learning, deep learning
  16. Geometry
  17. Data scraping
  18. Financial mathematics
  19. Sets
  20. Groups
  21. Graphs
  22. Probability
  23. Symbolic mathematics
  24. GPU support
  25. Maths frontend
  26. etc.
  27. Full documentation
  28. Benchmarking and test suite


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