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ncube - A Generalized Hypercube Visualizer

ncube allows you to visualize hypercubes of arbitrary dimensions. It works by rotating the hyperdimensional vertices and applying a chain of perspective projections to them until the 3rd dimension is reached. Everything is generated in real time just from the dimension number.


  • Real time control of the simulation, such as tweaking the angular velocity factor of any plane of rotation
  • Exporting and loading custom configurations as files


But what am I actually visualizing?

Let's use the 7-cube demo GIF above as an example. In that specific case, you are looking at:

  • A 3 dimensional perspective projection of...
    • a 4 dimensional perspective projection of...
      • a 5 dimensional perspective projection of...
        • a 6 dimensional perspective projection of...
          • a 7 dimensional hypercube undergoing a rotation about the q1q4 (X-W1) and q2q3 (Y-Z) orthogonal planes.


A web version for this app is available at ncube.ndavd.com via the WASM build.


Download the pre-built binaries

Pre-built binaries for Windows, Linux, MacOS and WASM can be found in the releases page.

Install from crates.io

Install cargo and run the install command:

cargo install ncube

Install from source

Install cargo, clone the repository and run the install command:

git clone https://github.com/ndavd/ncube
cd ncube
cargo install --path .


cargo uninstall ncube


~1.5M SLoC