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A crate to do linear algebra, fast

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This is a crate to do basic, computer-graphics-related, linear algebra, but fast, by taking full advantage of SIMD. To do this, it uses an "SoA" (Structure of Arrays) architecture such that each Wec (wide-vec) actually contains the data for 4 Vecs and will do any operation on all 4 of the vector 'lanes' at the same time. Doing this is potentially much (factor of 10) faster than an "AoS" (Array of Structs) layout, as all current Rust linear algebra libraries do, depending on your work load. However, algorithms must be carefully architected to take full advantage of this, and doing so can be easier said than done, especially if your algorithm involves significant branching.


Benchmarks done using my own fork of mathbench-rs with support for ultraviolet added to some benchmarks.

For the euler 2d and 3d benchmarks, the work being done is exactly equivalent. For the rest of the benchmarks, the work being done is made equivalent by performing 4 of the benchmarked operation per iteration instead of just one for all of the other libraries, since ultraviolet is computing that operation on four Vec/Mats at a time.

benchmark glam cgmath nalgebra euclid ultraviolet
euler 2d 9.911 us 9.583 us 21.99 us 15.22 us 6.675 us
euler 3d 15.11 us 32.88 us 237.2 us 32.62 us 9.928 us
mat3 transform vector3 6.1533 ns 15.2933 ns 15.6202 ns N/A 4.4778 ns
vec3 cross 7.6824 ns 16.9919 ns 12.3683 ns 12.4657 ns 3.3286 ns
vec3 dot 5.6354 ns 10.4704 ns 8.7803 ns 7.4304 ns 2.4937 ns
vec3 length 5.8759 ns 4.2015 ns 4.5598 ns 4.2083 ns 1.9067 ns
vec3 normalize 8.7861 ns 8.1677 ns 33.2839 ns 7.6300 ns 4.4362 ns


This crate is currently being dogfooded in my ray tracer rayn, and it does what I need it to do. If it's missing something you need it to do, bug me on the GitHub issue tracker and/or Rust community discord server (I'm Fusha there) and I'll try to add it for you :)