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A simple tool to run complex commands from anywhere

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Uses new Rust 2021

0.1.3 Jan 24, 2022
0.1.2 Jan 18, 2022
0.1.1 Jan 18, 2022
0.1.0 Jan 18, 2022

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Originally built to be a project build aliaser, this project has turned into a convenient way to alias any complex command to a smaller call to a command line tool that keeps track of a collection of json configuration that can be updated through the command line or in your favorite editor. This also has the benefit of being able to be run from anywhere in your file system that has access to the command.

To install the program, simply run: cargo install rusco

Current usage examples:

rusco init <project_name>
rusco list // this will list configuratios for commands
rusco set_command <project_name> // this needs to be a single string unbroken by whitespace (e.g. 'bazel' or 'docker-compose')
rusco set_dir <project_name>
rusco set_args <project_name>
rusco clear_args <project_name>
rusco set_flags <project_name>
rusco clear_flags <project_name>
rusco run <project_name>


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