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Task keeper to manage tasks from different task runners

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Task Keeper

tk(Task Keeper) is a tool to manage tasks from different task files, such as Makefile,justfile, package.json , deno.jso, .fleet/run.json etc, and call tasks from different project management tools, such as Apache Maven, Gradle, Cargo and npm etc.

Task Keeper


  • List tasks from different task files: tk --list
  • Invoke task: tk task_name
  • Invoke task from a runner: tk --runner=npm start
  • Sync tasks between sources: tk --from=npm --to=fleet task1 task2
  • .env support by default: tk --no-dotenv to disable
  • --doctor support: check your system for potential problems to run tasks
  • Execute command line: tk -- node hello.js with correct language version and PATH

How to get started?

  • Install by cargo: cargo install task-keeper
  • Download and install from GitHub Releases

After install, execute tk --help for usage. Some commands as following:

  • list tasks: tk --list
  • execute task: tk task_name

Why task keeper?

Sorry, I got lost in different task files and management tools, and sometimes I even can not remember how to run them.

  • Find tasks: Makefile,justfile, package.json, deno.json, Taskfile.yml, tasks.py, README.md etc, and too many task files to check tasks.
  • Run task: just taskName, npm run task_name, deno task task_name, composer run-script task_name etc
  • Check outdated deps: mvn versions:display-dependency-updates, ./gradlew dependencyUpdates, npm outdated etc
  • Build project: mvn -DskipTests package, ./gradlew assemble, cargo build etc

Too many differences, I want to save my brain and keyboard, and you know MacBook keyboard's price tag is $400+.

Task runners support


Fleet Run configurations

command type support now:

  • command
  • maven/gradle
  • cargo
  • go
  • maven-run
  • cargo-run
  • docker-run

For details, please refer https://www.jetbrains.com/help/fleet/run-configurations.html

Language version detection and PATH

Task Keeper uses .java-version, .node-version files to detect language version and bound with local installed SDK.

To make task runner run tasks smoothly, Task Keeper will append following directories to PATH automatically:

  • node-modules/.bin
  • venv/bin
  • vendor/bin
  • bin
  • .bin

For example, if you use Python virtual env to manage your project, Task Keeper will add venv/bin to PATH automatically, and you don't need to do anything.

  python hello.py

Tips: you can use double dash to run command with language detection and correct PATH, such as tk -- mvn spring-boot:run. To make life easy, and you can use alias e='tk --' to create an alias, then you can run e mvn spring-boot:run to run your project.

Package manager support

Common tasks for all package managers:

  • init: create project by manager mvn archetype:generate, npm init, cargo new xxx etc
  • install: install all dependencies npm istall, dependency:resolve
  • compile: compile source code, not available for some script languages
  • build: cargo: tk build -- --release, maven: mvn -DskipTests clean package, npm: npm run build
  • start: start project go run main.go
  • test: run test npm: npm test, maven: mvn test, cargo: cargo test
  • doc: generate documentation mvn javadoc:javadoc
  • deps: list all dependencies
  • clean: clean build artifacts, maven: mvn clean, cargo: cargo clean
  • outdated: display outdated dependencies go list -u -m all
  • update: update outdated dependencies go get -u
  • add dependency: tk add dependency or tk -D add dependency or tk --runner=npm add dependency

Attention: if package manager's task name is in a task runner, and task keeper will not execute package manager's command.

Apache Maven



Please set up gradle-versions-plugin for dependency version management. You can transparently add the plugin to every Gradle project that you run via a Gradle init script. $HOME/.gradle/init.d/plugins.gradle with following code:

initscript {
  repositories {

  dependencies {
    classpath 'com.github.ben-manes:gradle-versions-plugin:+'

allprojects {
  apply plugin: com.github.benmanes.gradle.versions.VersionsPlugin

  tasks.named("dependencyUpdates").configure {
    // configure the task, for example wrt. resolution strategies


Please add sbt-updates and DependencyTreePlugin as global plugins. $HOME/.sbt/1.0/plugins/plugins.sbt with following code:

addSbtPlugin("com.timushev.sbt" % "sbt-updates" % "0.6.3")



  • If npm-check command available, npm-check -u will be used as outdated task.







Go Module



Only support cmake-conan, and conanfile.txt required.

Default build directory is cmake-build-debug, and you override it by CMAKE_BINARY_DIR=_build tk build.


Available. Please install swift-outdated for outdated operation.




Available with following tools:

  • Poetry
  • pipenv
  • requirements.txt



Please set up antq for outdated dependencies. $HOME/.lein/profiles.clj

 {:dependencies [[com.github.liquidz/antq "RELEASE"]]
  :aliases {"outdated" ["run" "-m" "antq.core"]}

Mix package manager


Rebar3 package manager


Tasks from README.md

Task keeper will parse README.md and extract tasks with following code block format:

```shell {#task_name}
curl https://httpbin.org/ip

Now only shell, sh, javascript and typescript are supported.

Run JavaScript/TypeScript by node or deno:

```javascript {#task_name .deno}
console.log("hello world");

Task options/params and global options

  • Task options: tk hello --name linux_china
  • Task params: tk hello - Jackie, use - to separate task params
  • Global options for command: tk hello --name Jack -- --verbose, use -- double dash to separate global options


Task Runners

Package Managers

Version detection

Task Keeper will detect version configuration file and adjust the environment variables to run tasks.


.java-version is used for version management, and values as following:

Task Keeper will try to find Java from $HOME/.jbang/cache/jdks or $HOME/.sdkman/candidates/java/.


.node-version is used for Node.js version management, and values as following:

  • 18: match major version of Node.js
  • 16.16.0: match version of Node.js

Task Keeper will try to find Node from $HOME/.nvm/versions/node or $HOME/.volta/tools/image/node.


Task scripts in Markdown

$ curl https://httpbin.org/get
$ curl -X POST https://httpbin.org/post
curl --silent https://httpbin.org/ip | jq '.origin'
curl https://httpbin.org/ip \
    --user-agent "Task Keeper/0.1.0" \
curl https://httpbin.org/headers
let name: string = "linux_china";


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