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Rust Robotics ToolKit

A set of algorithms and other tools for robotics in Rust.

It is partially no_std. It does not currently integrate with any API directly, but this may be added in the future.


GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 only


  • Node-like stream system for data processing
    • Basic arithmetic + integral and derivative
    • PID
    • Moving average
    • EWMA
  • Simple device control system
  • Trapezoidal motion profile following



Initial release.


Fix motion profile issue.


Start new motor-encoder system.


Function for motors to follow motion profiles.


Allow the user to run a custom update loop for motion profile following as an alternative to the single function.


Add an update method to encoders.


Add an update method to motors, allow easier detection of parts of motion profiles, and reorganize the package to use features with the motor-encoder system in a module.


Start new stream system.


Reorganize a bit and add EWMA stream.


Add moving average stream.


  • performance improvements
    • use array instead of vec for inputs to SumStream and ProductStream
    • avoid unnecessary weight sum calculation in MovingAverageStream
    • make the number of shifts in PIDControllerShift a constant
  • replace all instances of MotionProfileState with MotionProfilePiece
  • add History trait, which is like a Stream but you specify a time when you get
  • reorganize streams into modules
  • remove unnecessary std requirement for a couple types


  • Move from Stream and the previous device system to Getter and Settable. Getter is like a stream or encoder and Settable is like a writable device.
  • Add Device type which makes raw Getters and Settables work together better as mechanical devices in a system. This should represent a physical device.
  • Add Axle type which contains multiple Device objects. It uses the capabilities of each device to control the real-life system. Eg. Data is gathered from Getter devices (Device::Read for encoders and Device::ReadWrite for servos) and used to control motors that do not contain their own control theory processing (Device::ImpreciseWrite), but motors that can do this on their own (Device::ReadWrite and Device::PreciseWrite depending on whether the internal data can be read) do not need this control. This object should represent a physical linkage between devices.
  • Don't require a feature to be enabled for PID controller types
  • Change API for PID controller types to be constructed with a k-values type rather than three individual f32s.


  • Don't require a feature to be enabled for motion profiles.
  • Make Settable able to follow Getters of the same type.
  • Add GetterFromHistory struct allowing History objects to be used as Getters.


  • Add set_delta and set_time methods to GetterFromHistory.
  • Move streams::Constant to ConstantGetter.
  • Implement Settable for ConstantGetter.
  • Add get_last_request method to Settable.
  • Move MotionProfile get_* methods to Option instead of Result.
  • Rename UpdateOutput to NothingOrError.
  • Fix Axle bug where it would try to use nonexistent PID controllers for Device::ImpreciseWrite objects if it had not yet received a Command.
  • Instead of directly implementing set in Settable, you now implement direct_set. You should still call just set though. This is a workaround required to make SettableData and get_last_request work correctly.
  • Move MotionProfile to History<Command, E> instead of History<State, E>.
  • Move timestamps to i64 instread of i32. The recommended unit is nanoseconds. This is not u64 due to the use of deltas.
  • Fix MovingAverageStream panicing issue.
  • Rename StreamPID to PIDControllerStream.
  • Improve performance of PIDControllerStream.
  • Mark Error enum as non-exhaustive.
  • Write three example files.
  • Derive additional traits for a few structs.
  • Give MotionProfile a return value after it has completed. This is based on the end state provided to the constructor. It will choose the lowest possible position derivative to satisfy the end state. This means that if acceleration is 0, the position derivative in the command will be velocity, otherwise acceleration. If velocity is also 0, it will be position, otherwise just velocity.
  • Add get_(position|velocity|acceleration) methods to Command.
  • Add Latest stream allowing you to choose the output of whichever of a set of streams has the later timestamp.
  • Implement From<State> for Command.
  • Rename TimeGetterFromStream to TimeGetterFromGetter.

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