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RINEX is a crate in the GeoRust ecosystem that aims at supporting most common RINEX formats, for both data analysis and data production, without performance compromises.

One of its objectives is to be a credible modern alternative to tools like teqc.

File naming conventions

In this current form, the parser disregards file names and conventions. Although we aim at providing methods that help generate files that respect the standards, in file production context.

RINEX Standards

This library was built to support RINEX V4 completely, but efforts were made to also support older revisions too.

All revisions are supported when parsing. Some restrictions still apply in file production context, see the front page table.

Crate features

One crate feature per supported RINEX format exists.
For example, nav enables RINEX Navigation specific methods.

The qc feature enables a set of structures for RINEX file quality analysis.

The processing feature enables the Preprocessing toolkit to resample, filter and sort RINEX datasets prior further analysis.

The flate2 feature enables native gz decompression.
If this feature is not enabled, one must first uncompress .gz files prior parsing.

The sbas feature enables one method to select appropriate augmentation system based on current location on Earth.


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