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RNX2CRX is a command line tool to compress RINEX data into Compact RINEX. It is an alternative to the existing official tool.

This tool only support CRINEX1 encoding at the moment.

This tool encodes with a compression of 3, which is equivalent to other existing tools. This means you can safely pass a CRINEX compressed by this tool, to other existing CRINEX decompressors.

Supported revisions

  • CRINEX1: under test

Getting started

Build with the --release flag for optimzed performances

Provide Observation data with --fp

rnx2crx --fp test_resources/OBS/V2/zegv0010.21o

This will produce test_resources/OBS/V2/zegv0012.21D to follow naming conventions.

Control the output path yourself with --output

rnx2crx --fp test_resources/OBS/V2/zegv0010.21o \ 
      --output /tmp/test.txt

You can force the CRINEX revision to use yourself, otherwise we compress V2 to CRINEX1, and modern Observations (V3, V4..) to CRINEX3:

  • force to CRINEX1 with --crx1
  • force to CRINEX3 with --crx3


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