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Rex is a terminal user interface app for managing incomes, expenses, and transactions. Built with Rust and Ratatui with a simple interface that's easy to use.


Key Features

  • Easily view, add, edit, and delete transactions.
  • Navigate through transactions and instantly observe balance changes after each transaction.
  • Chart for visualizing balance changes over a specific month, year, or all transactions.
  • Access a summary with key insights and information on income, expense, and percentage distribution.
  • Built using SQLite database and keeps everything local.
  • Find transactions quickly using partial or specific information.
  • Organize transactions with custom tags for easy filtering.
  • Works fully offline.


1. Run from Source Code:

  • Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/TheRustyPickle/Rex
  • Run with Cargo cargo run --release

2. Run the Latest Release:

  • Download the latest executable from Release.

    • Open terminal/CMD and start the program by the command ./rex or rex depending on the OS at the correct directory.


    • Double-click the executable which will try to open a terminal/CMD by itself.

3. Install from Cargo:

  • Install with cargo install rex-tui
  • Run with the command rex

4. Install using a package manager:

pkgin install rex

App Data Location

See here to learn about the initial directory where Rex data gets saved which is determined based on the OS.

Feedback & Bug Reports

For any feedback, improvement suggestions, or bugs please open an issue


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