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This project is a fork of Prisma's quaint.


Quaint is an abstraction over certain SQL databases. It provides:

  • An AST for building dynamic SQL queries.
  • Visitors for different databases to generate SQL strings.
  • Connectors to abstract over results and querying.
  • Pooling with mobc
  • Async/await and Futures 0.3


Feature flags

  • mysql: Support for MySQL databases.
  • postgresql: Support for PostgreSQL databases.
  • sqlite: Support for SQLite databases.
  • mssql: Support for Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • pooled: A connection pool in pooled::Quaint.
  • json: JSON type support with serde_json crate.
  • uuid: UUID type support with uuid crate.
  • chrono: DateTime type support with chrono crate.
  • serde-support: Deserialize support from result set with serde crate.
  • bigdecimal: Numeric values can be read as BigDecimal.
  • vendored-openssl: Statically links against a vendored OpenSSL library on non-Windows or non-Apple platforms.
  • fmt-sql: Enables logging SQL queries formatted. The FMT_SQL env var must be present for the formatting to be enabled.


  • Query generation when the database and conditions are not known beforehand.
  • Parameterized queries and SQL injection protection.
  • A modular design, a separate AST and separate visitors and connectors.


  • Database-level type-safety in query building or being an ORM.

For type-safe database abstraction, Diesel is an excellent choice.


  • See .envrc for connection params. Override variables if different. MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server needs to be running for tests to succeed.


> cargo test

Query debug

The queries can be logged by setting the LOG_QUERIES environment variable to any value. They'll be logged at the INFO level and are visible when having a logger in scope.

The FMT_SQL environment variable can be used to log formatted SQL queries. Beware, the fmt-sql feature must be enabled too.


If you have a security issue to report, please contact us at security@prisma.io


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