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pace-core - library to support timetracking on the command line

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pace-core - library to support timetracking on the command line


pace-core is a library to support timetracking on the command line. It is the core library for the pace timetracking application.

⚠️ Note: pace-core is currently in active development and is not yet ready for production use. Expect breaking changes and incomplete features. We encourage you to try it out and provide feedback, but please be aware that it is not yet stable.


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Crate features

This crate exposes a few features for controlling dependency usage:

  • clap - Enables a dependency on the clap crate and enables parsing from the commandline. This feature is enabled by default.

  • cli - Enables support for CLI features by enabling merge and clap features. This feature is enabled by default.

  • sqlite - Enables a dependency on the rusqlite crate and enables persistence to a SQLite database. This feature is disabled by default as it's not yet implemented.




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Minimum Rust version policy

This crate's minimum supported rustc version is 1.74.1.

The current policy is that the minimum Rust version required to use this crate can be increased in minor version updates. For example, if crate 1.0 requires Rust 1.20.0, then crate 1.0.z for all values of z will also require Rust 1.20.0 or newer. However, crate 1.y for y > 0 may require a newer minimum version of Rust.

In general, this crate will be conservative with respect to the minimum supported version of Rust.


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