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JobClock is a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool developed in Rust designed for tracking time spent on various tasks. It offers a simple yet effective way to manage work sessions, allowing users to start a session, end it, and log tasks with their names during the session. This tool is especially useful for freelancers, developers, and anyone looking to measure the time dedicated to different projects or tasks.


  • Start a Session: Begin tracking time with a single command.
  • End a Session: Conclude the session and get a summary of all tasks completed along with the total time spent.
  • Task Logging: Add specific tasks to your session to track how much time you spend on each.
  • Git Integration: Collect all Git commit messages made during the session with a simple command.


To install JobClock, ensure you have Rust and Cargo installed on your system. Then, run the following command:

cargo install jobclock


Starting a Session

To begin a session, use the start command. This command initiates the tracking period.

jobclock start

Note: Once a session has started, you cannot start another session until the current one has ended.

Adding a Task

To add a task to your current session, use the task command followed by the task name.

jobclock task <name>

Replace <name> with the actual name of your task.

Collecting Git Commit Messages

To collect all Git commit messages made during the current session, use the git command.

jobclock git

This command will log all commit messages to your session summary.

Ending a Session

To end the current session and receive a summary of all tasks, commit messages, and the total time spent, use the end command.

jobclock end

Upon ending a session, JobClock will provide an output similar to the following:

Job ended
  13-03-2024 20:00:00 - Begin session
  13-03-2024 20:45:00 - Job: Add frontend feature
  13-03-2024 21:00:00 - End session
Total time: 1h 5m 0s
Hours: 1.08




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