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A command-line utility for easily compressing and decompressing files and directories

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crates.io license

ouch stands for Obvious Unified Compression Helper, and works on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

It is a CLI tool to compress and decompress files that aims on ease of usage.



Run ouch and pass compressed files as arguments.

# Decompress 'a.zip'
ouch decompress a.zip

# Also works with the short version
ouch d a.zip

# Decompress multiple files
ouch decompress a.zip b.tar.gz

You can redirect the decompression results to a folder with the -o/--output flag.

# Create 'pictures' folder and decompress inside of it
ouch decompress a.zip -o pictures


Use the compress subcommand.

Accepts multiple files and folders, the last argument shall be the output file.

# Compress four files into 'archive.zip'
ouch compress 1 2 3 4 archive.zip

# Also works with the short version
ouch c 1 2 3 4 archive.zip

# Compress folder and video into 'videos.tar.gz'
ouch compress videos/ meme.mp4 videos.tar.gz

# Compress one file using 4 compression formats
ouch compress file.txt compressed.gz.xz.bz.zst

# Compress all the files in current folder
ouch compress * files.zip

ouch checks for the extensions of the output file to decide which formats should be used.


Downloading the latest binary

Download the script with curl and run it.

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ouch-org/ouch/master/install.sh | sh

Or with wget.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ouch-org/ouch/master/install.sh -O - | sh

The script will download the latest binary and copy it to /usr/bin.

Installing from source code

For compiling, check the wiki guide.

Supported formats

.tar .zip .bz, .bz2 .gz .xz, .lz, .lzma .zst

Note that formats can be chained:

  • .tar.gz
  • .tar.xz
  • .tar.gz.xz
  • .tar.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.gz.lz.lz.lz.lz.lz.lz.lz.lz.lz.lz.bz.bz.bz.bz.bz.bz.bz
  • .gz.xz
  • etc...


ouch is 100% made out of voluntary work, any small contribution is welcome!

  • Open an issue.
  • Open a pr.
  • Share it to a friend.


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