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Huffman coding program for compression and decompression of text files

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Huffman coding program for compression and decompression of text files.


If you're a Rust programmer, huffcomp can be installed with cargo.

$ cargo install huffcomp


huffcomp can be build from source code using the Rust compiler.

$ git clone https://github.com/AlexRiosJ/huffcomp.git
$ cd huffcomp
$ cargo build --release


It is possible for huffcomp to compress any kind of files that have UTF-8 valid encoding. (e.g. *.txt, *.c, *.rs, *.java, *.js)

To compress the file:

$ huffcomp -c <filename>

This command will generate a HUFF file (*.huff) which will have the same name as the original but with the huffcomp extension concatenated at the end.

To decompress a file it must have this extension and be compressed by huffcomp previously.

To decompress the file:

$ huffcomp -d <huffcomp_file>


To contribute, please fork the repository. If you find any bugs, issues or suggestions, please post your Issues and create your Pull Requests.

Used Techniques

  • Huffman Coding Tree implementation.
  • Bit level operations.
  • Write and read files.


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