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Flat file OSM node cache to store (latitude,longitude) pairs as indexed entries

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Flat file node cache stores lat,lon coordinate pairs as u64 values with their index being the position in the file. In other words - 0th u64 value is stored as the first 8 bytes, etc.

The library allows multithreaded access to the cache, and can dynamically grow the cache file.

// This example uses osmpbf crate
use std::path::PathBuf;
use rayon::iter::{ParallelBridge, ParallelIterator};
use osmnodecache::{DenseFileCache, CacheStore as _};
use osmpbf::{BlobReader, BlobDecode};

fn main() {
  let reader = BlobReader::from_path("planet.osm.pbf").unwrap();
  let file_cache = DenseFileCache::new(PathBuf::from("node.cache")).unwrap();

    |fc, blob| {
      let mut cache = fc.get_accessor();
      if let BlobDecode::OsmData(block) = blob.unwrap().decode().unwrap() {
        for node in block.groups().flat_map(|g| g.dense_nodes()) {
          cache.set_lat_lon(node.id as usize, node.lat(), node.lon());


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  • On git push, it will run a few validations, including cargo fmt, cargo clippy, and cargo test. Use git push --no-verify to skip these checks.


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