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A client for interacting with your NextCloud server

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NextCloud Client Command Line Interface

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Table of Contents
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  2. Installation
  3. Usage
  4. Building and Testing
  5. Contributing
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A CLI client to interact with a NextCloud server.


  • Allows for pushing and pulling files on the server.
  • Creating and Deleting remote directories.
  • Listing files.
  • Interactive browsing through the shell command

This application makes it possible to exchange a client and a NextCloud server without the need of a GUI. This CLI is compatible with Linux. It has also been built with Windows and MacOs in mind, they are untested at the moment and mileage may vary.


For a general cross platform linux a Snap package is available.
snap install nxcloud

If you have rust installed you can use cargo.
requires a the following packages to be install: libdbus-1-dev, build-essential, libssl-dev (Debian names ,probably installed by default)
cargo install nxcloud

Other packaged binary's are available in Releases


The binary name is nxcloud

To display application use nxcloud help
Use nxcloud <subcommand> help for help with that subcommand.


To start using the interacting with you're NextCloud you need to login.
Use an app password as opposed your account password.
nxcloud login <server> <username> <password>

Listing files in a directory, support -l and -a.
nxcloud ls -la

Pushing and pulling is very simple.
nxcloud pull <source file path (remote)> <destination file path (local)>
nxcloud pull <source file path (local)> <destination file path (remote)>

Entering a shell to remember current (remote) directory (Experimental).
Allows usage of the cd subcommand.
nxcloud shell

Building and Testing

This repository is a standard rust project bin structure.


  • Install Rust
  • Install libdbus-1-dev, build-essential, libssl-dev (Linux)
    apt install libdbus-1-dev build-essential libssl-dev (Debian based)
  • Clone repository

Compile and Run

Rust support building or running with the following commands:
cargo build Will build an executable in /target/debug/.
cargo run -- <args> Will build and run an executable.


Testing all standard test can be done with rust built in test framework.
cargo test

Some tests cannot be completed with 100% reliability (for example they might fail without network access), this will run all ignored tests.
cargo test -- --ignored


Rust built in documentation tools can be generated.
cargo doc

To open with your default browser.
cargo doc --open


Contributions are completely welcome and encouraged!
Examples of contributing could include:

  • Submitting a feature request or bug report.
  • Asking for improved documentation.
  • Code by creating a pull request.

Refer to Contributing


Development is still in progress with new features being planned.
Feel free to Contribute.

Built With



Created by Ethan Budd
Email: budde25@protonmail.com


Dual-licensed under either either of the following:


~427K SLoC