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A simple command line tool for using and managing skeleton projects

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Skely 💀

A simple command line tool for managing and using skeleton projects


Skely is a command line tool for managing and using project templates. Skely is especially useful when working with languages like C that don't have the luxury of a cargo-esque project initializer.


To install Skely run

cargo install skely



Skely uses the SK_PLACEHOLDER enviroment variable to determine a placeholder string to replace with a project name when using a skeleton. If this variable is unset, it will default to PLACEHOLDER.



To create a new project using skeleton do sk new <PROJECT NAME>. sk new foo will create project at /foo. Additional options can be found using sk new --help.


Skely can add new skeletons by passing Skely a directory or file to copy. sk add foo/ will add foo/ as a skeleton, found at ~/.config/sk/skeletons/foo/.


To remove a skeleton do sk remove <PROJECT NAME>.


To list all configured skeletons do sk list.


To generate shell completion for Skelly do sk completion <SHELL>. To see supported shells do sk completion --help. Installing completion scripts is dependent on your shell. With zsh and oh-my-zsh it would look something like this:

mkdir ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions
sk completion zsh > ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions/_sk
omz reload

If you've read this far, thank you for taking interest in my software, it is much appreciated :).


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